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The Notwithstanding Blog has landed… sort of

It’s that time of year again… hayfever sufferers are assaulted by a new onslaught of pollen, schoolchildren of all ages try to cram in as much last-minute “summer stuff” as possible before school starts, and newly-minted medical students start their training. 

I’m in all three of those groups, and while my seasonal allergies won’t make any difference to those regular readers of this blog, this “medical training” business means that there will be some changes around here.  What those will be, I can’t know for sure just yet, but here are my best guesses.

A shift from pure policy pieces to a mix of writing on policy and medical education

I’m still an economist by education, and I have no desire to give up following and commenting on whatever the health policy sphere throws our way.  That said, I’m sure medical school will be good for a story or two along the way, and some of them might even be instructive on non-clinical issues.

Less frequent updating, and more reliance on shorter posts with less commentary and original analysis

My favourite posts are still the early ones precisely because I feel that they add the most value to the universe of health policy blogging.  Unfortunately, these sorts of posts will become rarer as my time is taken up with learning how to be a doctor (or at least memorizing the enzymes involved in the Krebs cycle).  There are still a few in the pipeline… they just might take some time.

In short, while those readers who have become accustomed to a certain style and subject matter here may notice the changes, I fully intend to make any new content worth everyone’s while.  At the very least, stop by for Cavalcade of Risk #112 tomorrow… without giving spoilers, I will promise you a very fun time.

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